Automatic LED Motorized Pop Up Power Point Outlet Socket with USB Charging Retractable Hidden Recessed Sealed for Kitchen Bench-top Office Home Charging Station V3C-US Warranty Modern Power Solutions

Designed for 50 years of use, tested for 1,256,000 up-and-down motions. The V3C is manufactured using a tough glass top, thick aluminium extrusions, strengthened PVC plastic and a 20amp power cable. Over-engineered to last a lifetime. 


Model: V3C-US
Colours: Silver w/Black Face. White LED Middle
Material: Glass Top, Refined Hardened Scratch-Resistive PVC Plastic, Aluminium Body
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty – Lifetime parts & repair service
Installation Hole Size: 102mm / 4.015 inches (diameter)
Space required below the surface: 450mm/17.716 inches from the top surface, 100mm/3.937 inches in diameter
Module Configuration: 2x US Outlets, 2x USB charging outlets (2.1amp)
Cable Length: 180cm/70 inches

Installation Instructions:

Easy to Install: No professional help required.
1. Make sure you have enough space below your benchtop (450mm/17.716 inches from the top surface, 100mm/3.937 inches in diameter)
2. Drill a hole with a diameter of 102mm/4.015 inches in the desired installation surface.
3. Fit the unit in the hole and twist the locking ring to tighten.
4. Connect the power cord to a power source.

How to Use:

Press the top glass of the unit to open and close it


The retractable design allows the V3C power socket to be completely hidden once in the closed position, then available once lifted, into the open position.  It features a sturdy design, round aluminium extrusion, perfect for any kitchen bench or office desktop.  The V3C features USB charging, useful for charging iPads, iPhones, Android phones etc… 

Product Features

  • CHARGE MULTIPLE DEVICES simultaneously, with no messy cables going around
  • EASY TO INSTALL, no need for an electrician or a professional
  • 12 MONTHS WARRANTY, Modern Power Solutions direct customer care
  • HOLE SIZE required: 100m-102mm/4.015 inches (diameter)
  • MOTORIZED: simply press the button on the top to raise and lower the unit as required. Ideal for kitchens and home living.