Big Bison Maple Butcher Block and Countertop – 60 x 30 x 1.5 Inches, Extra Large Wood Island Top

Big Bison Maple Butcher Block – 60×30 Inch Countertop

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut and chop on the countertop?
Yes, our wood countertops are made for direct cutting and food preparation. The final finish we use is a mineral oil and wax based sealer that is food safe. Please note that just like any wood cutting board, cutting directly on the surface will leave marks on the wood.

Is maintenance required?
Yes. Since our butcher blocks are not varnished, you will need to apply a food safe mineral oil every month to ensure the wood does not dry out. Properly maintaining a countertop ensures that there is no warping, cracking and helps prevent stains as well.

How do I clean the top?
Warm soap and water is all that we recommend to clean, so long as proper maintenance has taken place. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals, as it will discolor the wood.

Are installation instructions included? Can I do it myself? Is it DIY friendly?
Yes! All of our tops include full installation instructions and diagrams of how to properly install the countertops. Installating a countertop is relatively easy process that should take about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the size.

Is the countertop reversible? Are there knots or defects?
As our wood countertops are designed to be installed in place, our tops are non-reversible. This means that any wood defects (knots, wind shake and filler) will be on the underside of the countertop and not visible to the eye. For the visible areas of the countertop, we guarantee that the wood is clear of major defects.

Can I join multiple countertops together?
Our countertops can definitely be joined, but we recommend using a skilled contractor who has experience with field joins. Do *not* use glue to join the ends or sides of a countertop.

Product Features

  • Solid Maple Butcher Block – Measures 60″ long and 30″ wide. Full 1.5 inch thick wood construction for stability and resistance to warping.
  • Premium Wood Countertop – Bison blocks all feature edge grain construction using full length wood staves, ensuring our blocks are truly high quality butcher blocks. Unlike other discount manufacturers, we do NOT cut corners or costs with face grain or mixed length wood staves.
  • Made in the USA – Big Bison proudly produces all of our butcher blocks in America, using 100% responsibly harvested North American hard rock maple.
  • Food Grade Finish for Kitchens – All of our countertops are finished with a mineral oil and wax based finish that is NSF certified for food contact. You can cut and chop directly on the countertop, as no varnishes are used. As well, we use a food safe glues with absolutely no formaldehyde or VOCs to ensure our blocks are safe for your home and family.
  • Big Bison Warranty – All Bison products are warrantied for a full year against any defects in workmanship and we will offer a product replacement for any warping or cracking that should occur.