CatastrophiCreations Cat Dining Table Handcrafted Wall-Mounted Feeder Shelf

Have you ever had problems with your cat’s dishes sitting on the floor and food ending up all over the place? We had a similar problem, due to our cats “burying” of his food, which often left the floor littered with little kibble pieces. This piece is our response to that problem. This shelf gives cats a space to eat and drink that’s off the floor, up away from dogs, and where they’re unable to tip their dishes over.

Catastrophic Creations Dining Room Cat Shelf comes with two half-pint dishes. There are two brackets attached, one to be mounted into a stud, and one to be mounted with drywall anchors.

Dimensions: Width: 18″ Height: 4″ Depth: 11″.

This piece is very sturdy; it’s been weight tested for 85 lbs. All our furniture comes with screws and drywall anchors for mounting.

Product Features

  • Hand-crafted & simple to mount cat shelving
  • Feed your cat up away from children & pets
  • Gives cats an outlet for their climbing needs