GloDea X90 Side Board, Wild Black

The Side Board X90 is innovative, practical, eco friendly and 100% made in the USA. This wonderful sideboard arrives partially assembled at your home needing only a final touch to be ready for use. Conceptualized by the Brazilian designer Ignacio Santos and the Colombian designer Fabian Ramos, the Side Board X90 is crafted from Eco Friendly Premium Yellow Pine wood, stainless steel and built to last for years if well taken care of. The Side Board X90 has a modern design, it is extremely versatile and impressively stable. It is tall and large enough to be used as a great buffet table in your next backyard party or as a side table on a weekend barbecue. It’s exotic shape will certainly catch-the-eye of your guests and win you many compliments. This impressive sideboard is made from real solid wood so there are a few natural knots on it that give it a great rustic charm. Designed to be extremely stable this handy sideboard in darker colors can be the missing piece of furniture for your office hall or corridor. With the perfect height (33″) and elegant design this piece is the spot to have an expresso and bond your colleagues during that energizing coffee break. Our Side Board X90 is finished with a semi-transparent stain and sealant mixture that protect it not only against humidity but also from UV rays and direct sun exposure. The stain allows you to see the natural wood through the color and is ideal for those who want to leave their furniture outside all year long without worrying about what may happen. All our products are packaged in recyclable double walled boxes with reinforced corners to ensure a safe transportation. No extra packaging is used to avoid waste and the use of non-recyclable products. If you love design, care about the environment and like modern and elegant products, look no further, GloDea’s Side Board X90 is perfect for you.

Product Features

  • Arrives partially assembled with tools and manual
  • Designed to be practical and extremely stable
  • Crafted from eco friendly wood and packed in a recyclable box
  • Dimensions when set up: L 55 x W 16 x H 33″
  • Weight: 48 pounds