Plug In Under Cabinet lighting with Radar Motion Sensor Lights LED Workbench Light with Cord for Kitchen Under Counter light with Touch Control,Undershelf Lighting 18 Inch, 4000k, 600 Lumen

We want to be the leader of the light with radar motion sensor light, and we welcome your suggestions and comments. We hope Joyzy light will be your first choice. If you have any problem or you are not satisfied with our product, just send us e-mail and let us know. Your satisfaction is the most important things for us.

Item Weight: 4 ounces/ 0.114kg
Volt In: AC 100-240V
Volt Out: DC 24V, 0.5A
LED strip: SMD 2835 108PCS LEDS
Color Temperature: 4000K
Luminous flux: 600
Wattage: 13w
Ra: 80+

Last year, we launched a motion sensor light. Our customer love it. ONCE they bought it, they’ll buy more to use for other space and also recommend it to their friends and family members. However, some customers are not satisfied with the brightness. Based on that experience we made that super bright light to meet their needs.

Not like other traditional PIR sensor light, this one adopts Doppler radar technology. Consistent detection over all temperatures.These motion detectors emit microwave signals and measure the time taken for the signal to be reflected back to the sensor, this is known as the echo time. The echo time is used to calculate the distances from all the stationary objects in the detection zone, to establish a baseline to work from. A person moving into the detection zone causes a disruption in the microwave beam, changing the echo time and triggering the lights. Radar sensors has high sensitivity, long sensing distance, wide sensing angle, high reliability, wide range of operating voltage.

Product Features

  • ☀ Touch control for choosing lighting modes: After you plug in, touch the control, light will turn on. Touch it again, it will turn off. When you want to choose Auto mode, just touch the touch panel for a long time, the mode will shift to Auto mode, which is radar motion sensor mode.
  • ☀Radar motion sensor light: With Doppler radar technology, this is a microwave sensor light specifically for detecting moving objects and human body. When in Auto mode, the light will be auto-on when it detects motion within a 2m range and auto-off after 180 seconds of inactivity. Radar sensor has high sensitivity, long sensing distance, wide sensing angle, high reliability, wide range of operating voltage, which is not like traditional pir light.
  • ☀Super bright and slim design: This light contains 108 pure white LEDs, delivers total 600 lumen with lower power consumption of 13W. 4000K warm white glow. The thickness of this under cabinet light is just 0.35inch/9mm,they can not be seen at all and give excellent light.
  • ☀Easy to install: All installation accessories are included. No tools required. Two installation options: Screws and 3M sticker (no damage to the cabinet). Ideal for your House’s kitchen Cabinet , Under Counter ,Workbench, Workshop , Basement , Garage etc.
  • ☀Note: It is a plug in light. It is with cord. If not completely satisfied with the item, please send us e-mail, we’ll give you replacement or refund.