Wine Refrigerator 28 Bottle Compressor Refrigerator Freestanding Wine Cellars with Digital Touch Display UV-Protective Finish Auto-Defrost- Black

WIE Wine Refrigerator 28 Bottles Specification Model JC-82 Voltage For EU: 220-240Vac 50Hz For US: 120Vac 60Hz For JP: 100Vac 50/60Hz Input Power75watts Installation modeFree standing Capacity 28 bottles Temperature Range5- 18 ºC/ 41-64ºF Temperature Climate ClassN, SN Appliance dimension 430 x 450x 840 mm / 16.9 x 17.7 x 33.1 inches Box Dimensions51251 x 9 x 870mm / 20.2 x 20.4 x 34.3 inches Net Weight22.5 Kg/ 49.6lbs Gross Weight26.5 Kg/ 58.4lbs

Product Features

  • Powerful Cooling System: WIE 28 compressor wine cooler creates a favorable internal environment for your wine at lower temperatures – 41°- 64°(5°C- 18°C) .
  • 28-Bottle Capacity :Because of its powerful compressor cooling, WIE 28 can handle 28 wine bottle capacities. This is ideal for wine lovers who have large wine collection
  • Adapt to the Environment: WIE 28 with compressor cooling system is able to adapt to varying room temperatures and extra heat loads, keeping a stable internal temperature despite environmental conditions.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: WIE 12 ensures that you always serve your favorite wines at the right temperature 41°- 64°(5°C- 18°C) while maintaining ideal humidity levels.
  • Adjustable Shelves: With removable shelves, your are no longer limited in the size and shapes of the bottles you can store. You can either store your opened bottles vertically, or transform the shelves into a wine glass rack to hold your fine stemware.