YEEFY Modern Living Room Chairs Upholstered Bent Wood Dining Chairs Set of 2 (Gray)

-The sturdy oak wood legs which gives the chair a lot more support than other products that use high quality wooden legs.
-Easy to put together and cleaner looking than the chairs with the cross braces. Very comfortable even for those with larger assets.
-The protect pads at the end of the chair. It is a brilliant design. To protect the floor from scratching when you move the chair.

Product Features

  • Ideal for home and office use – living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, lobby, reception, waiting rooms and banquets
  • Modern Style: through the perfect code line, the details of the improvement process, to bring the family to feel comfortable.
  • Available in Gray, Charcoal, Green, Orange and Light Blue fabric
  • Overall dimension: 28″ D X 17″ W X 15″ H, dimension details displayed in the picture
  • Easy to assemble by the following instruction